Full-Stack Development

Full stack development: End-to-end app development with front-end (user-facing) and back-end (core logic)

Website Development

Web development: Creating, maintaining websites, apps on browsers. Includes design, programming, databases.

CRM Software Solutions

Tailored CRM Software: Boost sales, optimize interactions. User-friendly, manage leads, track opportunities, nurture relationships.

Brand & Graphics Design

Brand development: Workshops, research, analysis. New logo, brandbook, guidelines, mission, vision, values, and assets.

Web & Mobile Applications

Mobile development: Creating apps for iOS and Android devices. Web development: Creating websites and web apps for browsers.

Dedicated Team Support

Dedicated customer service: Exclusive team, unlimited support. We’re your remote employees.

Cloud Architecture Design

Cloud architecture: Combines tech components, virtualization, and sharing. Empowers applications with cloud resources

Digital Marketing Service

Digital marketing: Promote brands using the internet, social media, ads, emails, texts, and multimedia.

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At Appleton Referral, we take immense pride in the positive impact we’ve had on our customers. Here’s what they have to say about their experiences:

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Appleton Automation has been an absolute game-changer for my business! Their professionalism and creativity have exceeded all expectations. Collaborating with their team to architect a custom platform has not only elevated my brand but also significantly increased its presence and value. Their innovative approach and attention to detail have propelled my business to new heights. I am genuinely excited to continue this transformative journey with Appleton Automation. Highly recommend their exceptional services for anyone looking to redefine their brand and soar to new horizons.
Keith Spencer
Keith Spencer
APPLETON IS THE REAL MVP! 🏆 Can we give more than 5 stars?! Because that's what Appleton Automations deserves. They completely revolutionized my biz in just 90 days. These geniuses built out my entire backend infrastructure - website, funnels, forms, workflows, client portals. ALL of it! But it's not just about tech magic (which they totally killed). Their customer experience is otherworldly. They guided my mindset so I could 10x my vision. Made sure my brand messaging matched my big goals. Helped me create offers with irresistible transformation built in. Now I spend my days doing what I love best - making an impact! All the tedious backend stuff is on autopilot thanks to Appleton. I feel INVINCIBLE with this powerhouse team behind me! Blows my mind how quickly they leveled up my business. If you need to take your biz from zero to hero, call on my friends at Appleton! Worth every penny and then some.
Melanie Druery Allen
Melanie Druery Allen
Michael and the Appleton family have been a complete joy! Through every stage of building my website, I received constant feedback and was provided the best customer service. I recommend them to service all your automation needs.
Victoria Hamilton
Victoria Hamilton
This company is AWESOME. Very informative, pushes you past the limits you put on yourself as a business person. Adaptable and very motivational. I made the best decision trusting Michael Dunn guidance with building a website
Jasmine Sandifer
Jasmine Sandifer
I just love their company! My Website looks great and all my customers have been enjoying the experience with the new software!
Michael Dunn
Michael Dunn
I met with Michael Dunn and his team in order to get some information about a Software I wanted to design and I walked away from the conversation BLOWN AWAY. Those guys are impressive and I can't wait to bring my product my customers.
Admin Info
Admin Info
I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Dunn of Appleton Automation and my perspective on technology changed in an instant! The programs and products he offers are the best in the game👍 Check out the Website…Amazing…Technology you Must See 👀
Sheryl J
Sheryl J
I love everything about the service that they did. I work as a realtor and a personal stylist and I needed something that was gonna blend both of my brands together. What they put together for me was so beautiful… It almost made me emotional… It was my first website, and with their help I believe that I am going to do well. THANK YOU Mike and Team Appleton!
Dulcy Randall
Dulcy Randall
Appleton Automations not only provides stellar tech support but their customer services is above the rest. They are and will always be my go to for all of my tech needs.
Latoya Bailey
Latoya Bailey